Cheap but Enjoyable Games Round 2


As mentioned in a previous article there are lots of wonderful games that won’t break your bank. It seems with the Xbox One and Playstation 4 around the corner games are dropping in price even faster. So here are some cheap but enjoyable games that maybe you couldn’t afford when they were new or you were on the fence about that are worth the lower price tag.




Uncharted is a great series for the PS3 which balances great gameplay with amazing story. In fact it’s emphasis on story telling has been said to make it one of the best games of this generation. It combines 3rd person action with platforming and puzzle solving. The main character Drake is also considered a fan favorite. So if you missed this game, it be found for under 20 dollars. Better yet the first one can be found bundled with the second for around 30 dollars. It’s a great game and a great deal.


Sleeping Dogs

sleeping dogs

This game got off to a very slow start last year. However, as people started slowly discovering it, it became well known as one of the most underrated games in 2012. It’s an open world crime game set in Hong Kong. You play an undercover cop working his way up through the gangs in the city. What sets it apart is it’s unique setting, and the fact that it focuses mostly on hand to hand combat instead of gun warfare. If you missed it now is the time to pick it up. It can be found from most retailers for 25 dollars.


Alan Wake

alan wake

Fans of horror games found this to be an enjoyable game. Fans of Twin Peaks, Stephen King, and great story telling in general should also find a gem. Alan Wake is about an author whose wife disappears as the town they are visiting starts to get haunted. Enemies are protected by the darkness, forcing gamers to balance fighting with taking down their shield. It’s challenging, dark, and very interesting. If you missed this game it can be found for around 20 dollars.


Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2


Most people have played these zombie shooters, but if you missed them now is the time to act. Both of them are available for 20 dollars, and there is a decent amount of DLC for both as well. Left 4 Dead focuses on maps which consist of a few chapters. Your goal is to get from the start of each chapter to the safe house. The games skip cut scenes and instead focuses on fun gameplay in interesting maps. Making them even better is the fact that they are wonderful games to play with friends. If the price tag scared you away from these games in the past it’s much less intimidating now.


Tropico 4


The Tropico series isn’t for everyone. However, fans of stragedy/simulator games should really give the series a try. Some haven’t heard of it, or some may have just forgotten over the years. Tropico 4 is newest installment, and while it’s much of the same it’s still fun and challenging. You are responsible to build up your island balancing citizen needs, global politics, and your own desires as a dictator. The game can be found for around 20 dollars and is really worth playing at least once. There is a PC version as well as console. Though most games like this seem like they wouldn’t work on console the controls are very intuitive and console gamers don’t sacrifice much in the scale of the game. It can be a bit hard at times, but there are many challenges giving the player hours of gameplay.


So if you are looking for a new game to play but don’t have a lot in your gaming budget before the major hits later this year these games are worth looking into. They give you lots of bang for your buck, and if you missed them they are totally worth checking out now.

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