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You can read the 30PlusGamer preview of Defend the Fawkin Station by Work In Motion Studios here.

Defend The Fawkin Station is an Android and iOS touch screen, sci-fi shooting game from new indie game developer Work in Motion Studios.  Development is being funded through crowd sourcing efforts on Kickstarter. Work in Motion Studios hopes to elevate Defend the Fawkin Station from the various other similar titles on the mobile platform by combing a classically-styled sci-fi shooting game with tower defense and RPG elements to add replayability.

Daniel Sosa, Vice-President and 3D artist for Work in Motion Studios recently gave me the opportunity to talk to him about the history of their production studio and how Defend The Fawkin Station came to be, and what the future may hold from this talented crew in Puerto Rico.

30PlusGamer: So let’s get this question out of the way first, what’s the REAL story behind the name Defend the Fawkin Station?
Daniel Sosa: “The story behind the name really isn’t all that exciting. As you know we made the prototype in a local game jam and that kind of environment is conducive to high stress, a state we sort of feel at home in. Our voice actress, Viviana de la Vega, that we have used in prior projects at Work in Motion Studios was paying us a visit at the event and we had her play a build that was available after about 12 hours of work. At the moment we hadn’t thought of a title since we were deep in production and we were more likely to shout out possible game features than names. In the middle of the play session she yells “They keep blowing up my f**king station!”. We all burst out laughing and she then proceeds to say “You should call this defend the f**king station!”. We decided to run with the idea, obviously changing the wording a bit to make it more P.C. and we created the character of General Fawkin around this premise and title.”
30PlusGamer: Have you ever seen Johnny Dangerously and did it have any influence on your name choice?

Daniel Sosa: “Might have seen the movie when I was younger, but if there’s any resemblance in any way it would just be a coincidence.”

30PlusGamer: All kidding aside, you indicated DtFS evolved from a rough prototype produced in 32 hours at a game jam. How was that experience?

Daniel Sosa: “As stated before it was intense and a lot of stress. Work in Motion Studios usually works with short deadlines so we’re used to the pressure. The experience itself was great because we got to meet a lot of people involved in the local indie scene here in Puerto Rico. There was a great sense of community and camaraderie with these other developers. As WIM we were mostly involved with animation, short films, and ad work; the game jam offered us a chance to see another avenue we could go down as a business.”

30PlusGamer: What made you decide to develop DtFS for a touchscreen mobile platform?

Daniel Sosa: “Well the theme for the game jam was to make a one button game. If you play the game jam version, you will see that all you do is click the screen and you fire. We sort of bent the rules there, deciding that the whole screen was one button. The mobile platform is very friendly towards this type of game. In the new version of the game we are adding tower defense elements while maintaining the quick reaction needed in a twitch shooter. We see the touchscreen as a holographic tactical display where you command your units and battle the nasty aliens. The game is quick and easy to play on the go. Both of these made the choice for touchscreen and mobile a no brainer.”

30PlusGamer: What does the current video game scene look like in Puerto Rico?

Daniel Sosa: “The indie scene here is young. Most of us here at WIM Studios started as professors teaching how to make art for animation and video games at one of the islands many universities. Couple years go by and you get students graduating in a field where locally there are no big game companies. So they have a choice, head for the mainland and battle it out for jobs at the big studios, or start something here. My partner and I had stopped teaching to start our own production studio and along the way we added Juan, one of our old students who was a brilliant programer. Along with other local studios we are letting it be known that here in a small island, only 100 miles long by 35 miles wide, we have talent and the ability to make games.”

30PlusGamer: Where would you like to take DtFS in the long-term?

Daniel Sosa: “DtFS is our first game and our primary goal is to finish it so we can say that we are an official game studio. Based on the response to our our freshman effort, we have planned further updates to the game, like multiplayer, more modes, stages, enemies, and bosses.”

30PlusGamer: What do you see in the future for Work in Motion Studios?

Daniel Sosa: “WIM Studios started as a production house for animation and ad work. We don’t plan on changing that. If DtFS is a success, we will probably move games under a new name here at WIM Studios. This is an experiment for us, one we hope to flourish and continue to grow. You can check out our work over at our Youtube channel.”

30PlusGamer: Are there plans yet for a new game?

Daniel Sosa: “We have several ideas in different stages of development. Some of them in the same world as DtFS and others are new IPs. The success of DtFS will determine how soon we will begin to talk about these titles.”

30PlusGamer: What one piece of advice would you offer to a budding game developer?

Daniel Sosa: “Make a plan and stick to it. A lot of people want to make games and say they have great ideas for one. Anyone can have an idea. Make those ideas real by writing them down and taking action. There is a lot of help on the web, all you gotta do is take advantage of it and put your work in motion (wink, wink).”

Thank you to Daniel Sosa from Work in Motion Studios for taking the time to discuss their upcoming sci-fi shooter, Defend The Fawkin Station with 30PlusGamer. We can’t wait to get our hands on a release copy and writing an official review about it!

Be sure to visit Defend The Fawkin Station’s Kickstarter page for more information and to donate to get this fantastic game released and earn some cool goodies too. Keep checking on their Kickstarter page and here on 30PlusGamer for more information on Defend The Fawkin Station.


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