Defend the Fawkin Station Preview: A New Kickstarter Project from Work in Motion Studios


Defend The Fawkin Station, a new Kickstarter project by Work In Motion Studios is the latest Android and iOS touch screen, sci-fi shooting game for mobile phones and tablets. Besides having a fantastically funny name similar to the classic “Farkin” running gag in the movie Johnny Dangerously (1984), the developer hopes to separate from the pack by combing a classically styled sci-fi shooting game with tower defense and RPG elements to add replayability.

Defend The Fawkin Station has suitably “spacey” space shooter graphics

In the intro video on their Kickstarter page, Work in Motion Studios President, Jorge Castillo tells us to “think of a game combining the best elements of games like Missile CommandHomeworldSins of a Solar Empire, and Galaga” which sounds like a winning recipe for total space shooter awesome sauce to me!

Defend The Fawkin Station is based on a simple premise: defend your station and homeworld from alien invasion like the courageous and perhaps unfortunately named General George Fawkin and his “steel moustache” did before you.  Gameplay will have you advance through various stages with the difficulty level ramping up with smarter bad guys and the requisite boss fights. A tried-and-true formula to be sure, but where Work in Motion really hopes to set this game apart is through the incorporation of some basic RPG strategic elements. The ability to acquire alien technology through loot drops from vaporizing the enemy, then using such to upgrade your station and its defenses as well as construct additional units will add a welcome measure of replayability.

Technology upgrades add replayability to Defend The Fawkin Station

According to the developers, Defend The Fawkin Station features a “mixture of several genres in ways we hadn’t seen before, specially in mobile phones and tablets.”

Continuing a trend with many first-time game developers and even well established studios such as American McGee‘s Spicey Horse Games, Work in Motion Studios has reached out to the indie game community through Kickstarter to help fund Defend The Fawkin Station. From public contributions they hope to raise $10,000 to further expand the artwork, music, and do all the other complex stuff that goes on behind the scenes when creating a commercial video game. In turn, they hope to support the indie game community by hiring additional talent and adding not only new and exciting content to this title (additional RPG elements and a multiplayer mode), but to open up other game projects (some already in development!) and hopefully develop their own brand of fun indie games.

Here are some examples of concept art for Defend The Fawkin Station from Artist William Nuñez

Ships and power ups


More space ship concept art

Be sure to visit Defend The Fawkin Station’s Kickstarter page for more information and to donate. There are several rewards available for contributing, ranging from an in-game “thank you” all the way up to your very own in-game likeness if you got the bucks! Keep checking on their Kickstarter page and hear on 30PlusGamer for more information on Defend The Fawkin Station.

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