Ouya: A community divided


Two weeks ago the Ouya launched and the vast majority of the backers are still waiting to get their hands on it.  Now the Ouya community has splintered into two distinct groups – those who have faith and the second who are very critical of the Ouya team’s handling of the situation.  With most things in life they are both right but this infighting from the Ouya’s biggest supporters could end up destroying what they helped create.

The latest Ouya update has done little to help the situation in fact it may have made the situation worse.  It has confirmed what many of us thought that the Ouya is not shipping in vast quantities and that it may be the case you may only get an Ouya a week before the retail release.  Julie Uhrman answered a number of questions during the week regarding this and pointed out that the information will be out on Friday with this update.  Many questions remain unanswered.   What is happening for international backers? Is its still shipping in order? Is it delayed because of the controller issues?

The biggest criticism from Kickstarter backers, which is a fair point,  is the simple question of where is my Ouya?  It’s a simple question and the Ouya team is ducking from it.  The last two updates have been about shipping and they have be vague at best. This is the biggest failing so far and it so easily resolved.

Communication is key.  If the delay is about fixing the controller issues then just say that.  A little bit of honesty and transparency will go a long way. That and make sure you keep your promises.

The “faith” side of the community has a point as well.  Ouya was a project on Kickstarter and you are not guaranteed to get your Ouya.  You are not entitled to your Ouya if you backed on Kickstarter. I have little doubt that all the Ouya’s will get shipped so you need to keep the faith.

My advice to both sides of the argument is, you are both right but don’t kill the Ouya before it gets started. This war going between the two excited camps could destroy all the hype for the Ouya and we don’t want that.

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