PlayStation Plus is the Announcement to Watch For


With all the leaks we know a lot of what is happening and to be expected at the PlayStation conference on 20th but PlayStation Plus is the announcement to watch for. PlayStation Plus is here to stay following the survey which Sony released yesterday.  Another leak is that the Playstation 4 will stream Playstation 3 games via the company they purchased last year Gaikai.  This is not unexpected but the early rumors were that it would be Playstation 2 games.  What this means for PlayStation Plus is that it could bulk up there offering of games easily by adding PS3 titles to the Playstation 4s offering as the system will not support backwards compatibility.


The big question for Sony is do they go all in for streaming and change PlayStation Plus to a full steaming package and become the Netflix of games or do they go for a half way approach in that includes both streaming and download model.  My feeling is that they will go for the both streaming and download model and try and capture the best of both worlds.  This would be a good approach as there is a lot of resistance towards streaming of games from the gaming community.

Sony would want people to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus from the start of the new consoles life. It is possible that one big launch title would be available on Playstation Plus which I think it could be the new MotorStorm game.  This could then be joined by some smaller PSN games.  Then the meat of the Playstation Plus would be the back catalog of PS3 titles.  If they added just, from there exclusive games, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, LittleBigPlanet, God of War HD, Resistance 2, and Infamous this still gives scope to add more games on weekly or monthly basis.  This will also give them scope to avoid the game lull which is affecting the WiiU at the moment.

PlayStation Plus is a killer feature for Sony at the moment never mind with the PS4.  If Sony can expand the way above this could give them the upper hand over the new Xbox as long as the price is right which we know with Sony they get wrong often.

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