Xbox One Supply Issues?


Looks like there are supply issues for the new Xbox One already.  I pre-ordered one on the 29th May and now I have received word from Amazon that there will be issues with the order as there is a delay in getting stock.  I am based in the UK and Amazon has a good reputation for getting consoles out on time.  I received my Wii U on release day.  I ordered the Xbox One before the information on the pre-order hit the mainstream so my pre-order should be near the top of the pile.

Xbox One email


The Xbox One is in the news for all the wrong reasons.  Following on from the DRM issues, used games, and faking some of the Xbox One reveal. I am looking forward to the Xbox One as Microsoft has been smart regarding some of it’s exclusive content.  By renewing the Call Of Duty DLC and grabbing exclusive Fifa Ultimate Team content, Microsoft will appeal to the mass market. With the Fifa Ultimate Team content Microsoft could get more users to make the switch to Xbox, as Fifa is regarded as a “PlayStation game” similar to how Call of Duty is regarded as an “Xbox game”.

The Xbox One for me is a perfect dad box!  Sports (if they bring it to the UK), Call of Duty and Fifa all appeal to me, rightly or wrongly.  Pin the more causal games I play with my wife to the side while I play or watch TV! Microsoft is going for the mainstream audience and it has me interested and with their E3 conference next week they will show off their 15 exclusive games which may appeal more to the core gamer.  

We will update you when we find anymore information but while you wait you can check out our exclusive list of  Top 5 Things to Hope for from Microsoft at E3.

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