3 Games to be Announced with Playstation 4


We are closing in on the 20th February and Sonys big announcement on the Playstation 4. Several developers have now given some hints about some possible announcements. The rumors on several other websites which suggested there would be no games announced seem to be wrong now. They had to announce games to go with the Playstation 4 announcement just to show what it was capable of.

The first game is that of Killzone 4. This will follow on from Killzone 3 which was the first game to be launched in 3D. If Killzone 4 maintains the record of the other Killzone games this will be a good launch game.

Following on from this is a game from the creators of LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule. It is unclear if the game will be a follow up to LittleBigPlanet or a new franchise. The only clue is that Toyah Wilcox youtube video performed on British music programme Top of the Pops called It’s a Mystery.

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The last game will likely be a new Motorstorm game. Evolution Studios dropped the not so subtle hint 10 days which is the 20th February. The last Motorstorm game was for the Playstation Vita.

If these games materialize that would be a solid start for Sony and still leaves a number of their heavy hitters to come in the coming years like Uncharted and God Of War. There are bound to be more leaks in the coming days like the one we have had about PS4 Eye or the leaked pics of the PS4 Dual Shock controller.

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