Kickstarter Watch: A.N.N.E.


On Monday, one-man indie game developer, Gamesbymo (Moise Breton) launched his retro-styled pixel art platformer, A.N.N.E on Kickstarter (make sure you follow that link and head over to his project page and check it out).

To quote Mo himself, A.N.N.E promises to deliver,

“Your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit era games mashed into one! Metroidvania meets Gradius in an exciting, modern pixel art adventure!

Checkout the WAY COOL gameplay in this reveal trailer

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Born out of a love (perhaps near-obsession) for the SNES era, this is the perfect Kickstarter video game project for all “Advanced” gamers of a certain age (you know, everyone checking out 30Plusgamer) since A.N.N.E really ratchets up the retro vibe with it’s quirky, colorful pixel art graphics, classic platform play, and a suitably funky 8-bit styled soundtrack.What separates A.N.N.E from similar retro titles is that Gamesbymo is attempting to incorporate more modern video game conventions such as an open world and physics-based puzzling.


A.N.N.E also adds a fair amount of impressive RPG features along with elements of a side-scrolling shoot’em up (SHMUP) to the open world exploration and physics-based puzzles to make for some really unique platforming goodness.  Seamlessly switch between the zoomed-in “on foot” mode where you experience the more traditional action-platformer gameplay and flying your ship, playfully called the “The Great Whale”, in side-scrolling SHMUP mode. The latter mode is perfect for using your ship’s more powerful weapons for dealing with difficult enemies and it’s ability to manipulate heavy physics-based obstacles to create platforms or to use as weapons by launching them at enemies. Use energy crystals collected as you explore as both your experience points AND in-game currency to purchase additional equipment, special abilities, and upgrades for yourself and your ship.

The 16-bit pixel art graphics in A.N.N.E. are sharp (thanks to the 720p resolution), colorful, and really a delight for anyone old enough to remember the SNES era yet the smooth camera zooms from up close when exploring on foot to wide-angle when flying aboard the Great Whale remind you this is a modern indie game, not a SNES cart!


The soundtrack is a hyper-cool mix of traditional 8-bit video game nostalgia and modern instrumentals orchestrated by Miyamo, founder of the underground Touhou remix circle “Conagusuri”.

Just in case you really, REALLY want to relive your SNES days (and who doesn’t?), Gamesbymo has even included an authentic looking SNES box and decorative cartridge as a premium for Kickstarter backers at the $75 level! A.N.N.E. is also up on Steam Greenlight so head over there to vote and get this game up on Steam.











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