PlayStation 4 Release Date in Europe is Unknown


Following the PlayStation 4 announcement on 20th February that the PS4 will be launched in the Holiday season 2013, the PlayStation 4 release date in Europe remains unknown.  Jim Ryan who is the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe was asked about rumors that the PS4 would NOT launch in Europe until 2014. He could not confirm that PlayStation 4 would be available during the 2013 Holiday season.

He is quoted in MCV as saying,

“We’re not saying if Holiday 2013 includes Europe at this stage. We are only saying we will launch the system before the end of 2013, we’re not saying in which parts of the world. But don’t infer anything good or bad from that. You can take that anyway you want, but you shouldn’t.”

This disappointing bit of news leaves the European launch still very much up in the air.  Europe is Sony’s second biggest market after Japan.  This will not help prevent the feeling of “second-class citizen” that many European gamers feel regarding the gaming industry.  Many games and consoles are often released later in Europe, with gamers based in the UK and Ireland most vocal as there would be no language barriers.

Sony’s press conference about the PlayStation 4 has been broadly welcomed.  In the conference, Sony unveiled a number of new games including Destiny, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Diablo 3 and Knack. The PlayStation 4 will incorporate a number of Gaikai technologies including the ability to post game footage videos which I believe is the Playstation 4s killer feature.

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