Rockstar released a new gameplay trailer for GTA V


Rockstar just delivered us a new trailer revealing gameplay footage of GTA V.

Do you remember the top down views from back in the day? Going to a telephone cell to get your missions, crashing hundreds of times with the bikes which were way too fast in the first Grand Theft Auto. The game was a point for discussion for a very long time. The big topic was the excessive violence and language which made many conservative’s blood boil. Our own Lee Cooper wrote a very cool article regarding video game violence a couple of weeks ago.

GTA V Concept ArtRockstar didn’t let all that commotion get to them and they kept on developing quality titles. The biggest change in the series was GTA III, which showed the world an awesome 3D world where you could blow stuff up, kill random people and get your $50 worth by some hooker who was working the corner near Luigi‘s club in the Red Lights District.

Millions of people enjoy the work Rockstar is doing with their GTA series and now they have released one hell of a trailer showing some amazing gameplay footage for their upcoming game GTA V. For the first time in history the story doesn’t focus on a single person but has 3 protagonists who are very unique in their own way. You have the once very succesful bankrobber named Michael who seems to struggle with life as a domestic family man. Franklin, the guy who thinks he’s better and smarter than anyone else. And then there is Trevor, who seems to have some very nasty issues.

The trailer shows a whole lot, but take a look at it yourselves!

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GTA V is set to be released September 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Are you guys excited yet?

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