Square Enix Tech Demo Shown at Sony Playstation 4 Event but is it REALLY Next-Gen?


During Sony’s HUGE PlayStation 4 announcement event today, Square Enix CTO Yoshihisha Hashimoto discussed the awesome architecture of the Playstation 4 system and it’s raw power to drive their own next-gen game engine, Luminous Studio. The engine coupled with the Playstation 4 hardware was presented as a game-changing advancement for graphics and live action that further blurs the already fuzzy line between reality and video games. A demo was shown of  the LS engine in action showcasing a brief yet fairly odd story of veiled priests conjuring magic lightning squaring off against some sort of turban-clad gun thugs. Strange but awesome to look at and exciting to watch. However….

Even odder than the story is the fact that this demo, showcased at (arguably) the most important game console announcement event of the year and streamed live onto millions of PC’s, was released to the public 9 months ago on youtube. This was billed as an enhanced demo for the PS4 - sort of – he really didn’t SAY it was but hinted it was showcasing the capabilities of the next-gen hardware.  I’m not seeing a difference between the two after several comparisons. I’m not knocking Square Enix by any means, they’re an amazing developer, but I have to wonder that with the gravity of the event, could they have or perhaps SHOULD they have come up with a brand new, never seen demo of their Luminous Studio engine running on the PS4 hardware?

Checkout the Square Enix Tech Demo from Jun 2012

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This is the Square Enix Tech Demo Taken Right From the Event, Feb 20 2013

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