Xbox 720 to be announced May 21


Respected Microsoft commentator, Paul Thurott, has revealed what his sources have told him regarding the new Xbox 720. Talking on the What the Tech podcast Paul has made known the price, date of the conference, and various other Xbox and Xbox 720 news.

Firstly the Microsoft conference to announce the new Xbox has slipped again and is now rumored to take place May 21st. This was not unexpected but this could be a result of how well the Playstation 4 has been received. With this Microsoft may be amending the Xbox 720 specs to match or surpass the PS4 as it is the general consensus that Sony caught them with their pants down when announcing the PS4.

The most controversial rumor surrounding the Xbox 720 is the one about it’s requirement for a constant internet connection. Paul has noted that from what he understands, it WILL require a constant connection. This has generated a lot of groaning from Xbox circles. I believe this issue is getting blown out of proportion and a compromise will eventually be found.

When launching a new console the cost is the big factor for most regarding the decision to purchase.  Paul is stating that the new Xbox 720 will cost around $500 or $300 with a subscription.  This is little over what I was expecting and depending what the subscription is the $300 could become attractive.

Also rumored in a different report is that the Xbox 720,like the Playstation 4 won’t be backward compatible and just like Sony with the PS4, Microsoft offers that the Xbox 720 will be moving to a new architecture as the reason for that lack of backward compatibility.  The Playstation 4 announced that it will be using Gaikai for backward compatibility.

While nothing is officially confirmed, this could be the start of the Xbox 720 rumor leaks. We will keep you updated when we hear anything.  Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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