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30Plus_game_Handheld_BlueBG30plusgamer.com, is a new gaming website aimed at more experienced gamers 30 years old and up. We think this is a highly unique, relatively unexplored viewpoint in the gaming industry and feel it will help to elevate 30plusgamer.com above the noise among gaming websites. 30plusgamer.com has the potential to attract a lot of viewership – the average game buyer is 35! The website has a top-notch publication system to make the contribution process easier for writers and producers and a terrific looking front-end to attract viewers. The website is setup to maximize article and video SEO to generate traffic and get your material noticed.

30plusgamer.com needs to put together a team of 2 or 3 dedicated video producers to create and star in video-based game reviews, previews, playthroughs, podcasts, news, opinion pieces, walkthroughs/guides, etc… for the site itself and youtube to help establish our channel and our brand. You will be given full credit for the videos you produce. This is a fantastic opportunity to produce media for the gaming industry, help us grow, and develop your own brand at the same time! We are looking for friendly, engaging people passionate about playing and talking about video games with a demonstrated ability to step in front of the camera and create engaging video media.  You must have the ability, hardware, and software to create and edit videos for publication on our website and youtube.  We would like to have at least one producer capable of capturing game console play to video.

Anyone interested in applying:  Fill out the form below and tell me about yourself, why you want to produce for 30plusgamer.com and links to online sample videos.  Feel free to include any other information you feel will be relevant such as writing samples, your resume, awards, etc…

You will not be required to produce content on a fixed schedule but we would prefer that once you get started and publish your first video with 30plusgamer.com that you commit to contribute on a regular basis to be worked out later. We’re flexible and understand that you there is life outside of gaming…..maybe. That said, obviously contributing once every few months isn’t going to work for you or 30plusgamer. You are free to produce videos about whatever you want (within reason) as long as it fits into our overall 30+ gamer demographic and is game-related. You may produce game reviews, playthroughs, previews, news, guides/walkthroughs, opinion (vblog) pieces, on any platform – PC, mobile, PS3, Xbox 360, Ouya, etc… This is a rare chance in the game industry to flex your creative muscle!

All video producers will have access to our private 30Plusgamer Authors Facebook Group to collaborate, bounce ideas of each other, ask questions, chat, and more! We also have a full library of written reference material and guideline documentation on working within the 30plusgamer.com system and maximizing your video post SEO which is particularly invaluable to you as a video producer either for 30plusgamer.com or if you move on. Maximizing SEO helps your videos get noticed and brings in traffic which in turn helps to promote you and grow our exposure. If we grow large enough, 30plusgamer.com WILL be able to bring in ad revenue that I WILL share with our contributors and change over to a paid system. Other immediate perks would be access to game review copies as we get them, and an official @30plusgamer.com email address to use when making contacts with the game industry.

This is a great opportunity to get on board a growing gaming media source and grow your video production career with us.

We need to know who you are!

Let us know why you want to produce gaming videos for us and how we will make a good fit for each other

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If you have a published a video online (can be non-video game related) Let us know the URL (i.e. http://linktomyvideo.com/itsreallyawesome/myvideo.mp4)

Maybe you have more than one video published online? Give us the URL (i.e. http://linktomyvideo.com/itsreallyawesome/myvideo.mp4) and we'll check them out.

Let us know all about your video production experience, writing experience and/or your work experience. Basically anything and everything you think sets you apart and makes you and 30Plusgamer a good match for each other.


Well maybe you'd rather upload a resume or a document with links to your video samples. Thats cool too. Maximum size 10MB (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt)

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