Noise is one of the most rapidly-growing environmental problems in society – as population density continues to increase, noise pollution does as well. Especially in urban areas, noise pollution seriously threatens the quality of life.

How to Solve Noise Problems

In order to solve noise-related issues, a professional understanding of the situation is needed. With an increased need for expert help, Sound Planning offers an effective solution for all architectural, commercial, and industrial noise problems.

In order to find an acceptable solution, it is essential to understand what the source of the noise is, the path of the sound and the individuals whose lives are impacted by it – excessive noise can be controlled and conducted at the source to help protect the people who are in the immediate area.

Noise Control Solutions

Up-to-date, thorough knowledge of acoustics is needed in order to find a solid technical solution to various noise problems. Our specialist team of experienced and qualified professionals can create the ideal noise control solution for all structures of all sizes, both outdoor and indoor.

Vibration is especially concerning and large machines need to be designed to operate smoothly whenever possible. In industrial environments where a system’s electronic components may be damaged due to excessive vibration, it might be necessary to have any sensitive equipment isolated in order to protect it against vibrations.

Some possible solutions to effectively reduce sound include acoustic screens, acoustic louvres, acoustic enclosures, and acoustic louvre doors.

Acoustic enclosures have been designed to meet the noise reduction requirements of local authorities and are well-suited for numerous applications including AC fans, chillers, and units, plant rooms, generators, pumps, industrial equipment, and engine test rooms.

Bespoke Designs

The engineers on our team will sit down with the client, contractor and local planning authority to discuss the individual requirements of the installation before CAD drawings are provided to help with the planning process. We can also help with the entire design process, including additional developments and changes.

Sound Planning provides high-quality bespoke encloses that suit the individual requirements of our clients. Our high professional standards ensure every bespoke enclosure looks as industrial or aesthetically pleasing as you want. Our bespoke enclosures, which are tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients, can offer an effective solution to the excessive noise in areas like engines, pumps, systems, fuel tanks, storage facilities, and control rooms.

Architectural Acoustics

Acoustic designers and consultants, including acoustic consultants in London, deal with industrial and architectural acoustics, which involve the sounds around and in all types of buildings. A good design helps to ensure the efficient distribution of desirable sounds and eliminates the undesirable ones.

Most people understand how critical it is to have good acoustics in recording studios, concert halls, and theatres, but the focus now is also on classrooms, factories, offices, and even your house to ensure it has an acoustic environment that is satisfactory. It can be incorporated into the design of a building, which is more cost-effective compared to needing to make changes later on.

Sectors That Are Affected by Acoustics

As there continues to be an increase in public awareness of the importance of having good acoustics inside buildings, there will also be an increased need for acoustic designers and consultants in many different fields, including:

  • Sound insulation testing
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment, performing arts, and leisure
  • Justice, health, and education
  • Construction and demolition
  • Environmental, industrial, and commercial.