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Did you know that in 2019, BMW sold an impressive 135,829 vehicles with the highly famous M package? This represents a 32 percent increase year to year, and BMW doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. With so many sales of the successful M class, performance parts for BMW are highly sought after in the modification world. 

If you are looking to add more power and performance to your BMW, check out these BMW performance parts that will take your BMW to the next level.

Aftermarket Spark Plugs

To add more power to an engine, three elements come into play. Spark, air, and fuel are what the engine runs off of, and by upgrading each element, you will see an increase in power and performance. By changing the spark plugs to iridium ones, you will have spark plugs that last longer but also have a higher voltage which adds more spark to the engine.

When putting more air and fuel into the engine, you have to compensate with more spark to achieve a balance in the engine’s combustion chamber. The fuel and air will burn better with this type of spark plug, therefore you will have more power to play with. 

Aftermarket Aluminum Cylinder Head

Replacing the stock standard cylinder head with a custom-made aluminum one brings a world of difference. Aluminum cylinder heads are lighter, more durable, and dissipate heat much easier than cast iron cylinder heads. 

This keeps the engine cooler for longer and makes it more efficient. The intake and exhaust valves on the cylinder head are then more effective, thus producing more power for your vehicle. Of course, replacing a cylinder head isn’t a simple job, and someone with extensive BMW knowledge should do the work for you. 

Aftermarket Crankshaft

As with the aluminum cylinder head, a lighter, stronger crankshaft will make your engine more powerful and durable. The crankshaft is what turns the pistons up and down, so with a lighter one, it will be able to turn quicker, making your engine rev higher and produce more power. 

Not many places sell specialized crankshafts like this, so it might not be a viable option. If you do happen to find one and want to install it, the work required to do so is very extensive. The whole engine will have to be removed, and the crankshaft replaced. 

Usually, aftermarket crankshafts and cylinder heads are used in racing applications, as extensive work is required. By fitting these two parts together, the power in your engine will increase immensely, and you can expect over 100 HP more to the wheels.

Aftermarket ECU

An Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the brain of a vehicle. The ECU commands everything in the engine bay, and if you want to upgrade your engine, you will need an aftermarket ECU that is set up to match all your needs. 

If your vehicle is under the manufacturer’s warranty and you don’t want to void it, you can get a piggyback ECU that plugs into your vehicle and sends false information to the original ECU. This makes your stock ECU adjust accordingly and will enable better overall performance.

Better Braking Systems

With all that extra power, you have to do something with the braking system. Most people disregard braking power when they think of upgrading a vehicle, but stopping easily is vital.

Consider installing bigger rotors and pads or a rotor and pad that is made from ceramic (or any other highly durable material). Ceramic rotors and pads will make sure you stop in time while not overheating from excessive use.

Hard Compound Tires

As with braking, tires are equally important for the safe use of your powerful BMW. To ensure that extra power hits the road where it matters, you’ll need a tire that is made from a harder compound. 

Harder compound tires hold traction much better on the road, and you won’t lose control of your vehicle like you would if you were on standard tires. Softer compound tires will also wear quicker, meaning you’ll be changing them every few thousand miles.

Performance Sway Bar

Have you ever heard of under steer or over steer? An aftermarket sway bar helps reduce these two phenomena for front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles. The sway bar cushions the steering, and your vehicle will handle the corners like it’s always meant to. 

If changing the sway bar isn’t enough, you can consider rebuilding the entire front or rear suspension by replacing the tie rod ends, torsion bar, and coil springs. These modifications will make sure your vehicle is track and road ready.

Performance Exhaust System

To cap the engine modifications off, install a complete performance update with a free-flow performance exhaust system. This system will make sure all those crucial exhaust gases escape from the engine quickly and with ease. 

In fact, with all the extra modifications, a performance exhaust is the last crucial bit of kit needed. By not installing one, you can severely affect your performance causing all of your other upgrades to not be as effective. For best results, install a complete system from the exhaust manifold all the way to the back box of the exhaust.

BMW Performance Parts for the Brave

Sure, taking an already peak-performing vehicle and making it perform even better can be a bit risky, but by following the selected BMW performance parts upgrades, you will take your BMW to the next level, building the vehicle of your dreams.

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