X-Lite X-701 Helmet Review

X-Lite X-701 Helmet Review

According to it’s manufacturer, X-Lite, the X-701 helmet has gone through several aerodynamic tests in laboratories and the racetrack. The material is a combination of carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar. The inner shell is made of durable Lexan. In the valued safety test by Sharp, the helmet got four stars out of five.

The interior is said to be heat adjusting Unitherm Light microfiber, which supposedly isn’t sweaty when it’s warm and is warm when it’s cold. It’s removable for an easy wash. On your head, the helmet feels lighter than what it actually is. It says it’s 1390 grams, but as I compared the helmets weight to other helmets of similar weight category, it felt the lightest amongst them. The weight of the helmet doesn’t really matter for it’s safety all that much.

What matters is the weight distribution of the helmet and the thickness of the outer shell layer in the area of impact. If the helmet’s center of gravity is high up, the helmet will damage the neck more in an accident. The helmet’s carbon fiber and kevlar are said to spread the impact of the blows into a wider area, too.

The material of the interior is quite pleasurable and it doesn’t feel sweaty at all. I think the design of the helmet is successfully done, and when driving the helmet feels cool even with the air intake scoops closed. The X-701 is quite loud as is, but I think if you sealed the neckline, it would help massively.

Overall, the helmet is comfortable in use and the air flow is definitely well done. The only flaw I could really find was the noise level. Remember, while it is comfortable on my head, it doesn’t mean that it is for yours, and you should always test the helmets live before buying if possible.


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