A beginners guide to motorcycles

One of the most important reasons to start riding are the fun and thrill that comes with it. Based on the decades of experience I have had riding, my goal is to offer great insights to new riders on what I have learnt. For a new rider, you will soon realise that it takes commitment to be a good cyclist. Read on to find some maintenance tips, safety insights, and some ways to make you a better rider. 

Beginner motorcycle checklist

Now that you have made a decision to be a serious rider, you need to get your licence and permits obligations sorted out. I had to put in money and time studying everything motorcycle before I got my licence and bike insurance. I went for a beginner motorcycle class and there are so many options available to you now. Keep in mind that riding is a progressive sport and you won’t learn everything at a go. Over time, I have continually encountered new situations, unplanned predicaments, or weather conditions I didn’t expect. So, have an open mind to keep learning.

Motorcycle gear

The most popular topics around motorcycles is, ‘what type of protective gear is the most important?’ Well, I will let you in on a secret, everything is important. I am not saying that you budle yourself up with every gear you can find so you look like you are taking a trip to the moon. Just get the best gear you can afford.

The must have equipment include: bike helmet, riding gloves, motorcycle jacket, a pair of boots that cover your ankles, and durable pants. Whenever I found myself debating on how much to spend on gear, I asked myself; How much is this body part worth? Believe me, it always works like magic.

Types of motorcycles to start on

As a new rider, choosing the right bike to start with is critical to your experience and struggle while learning the ropes. We are all different so I can’t say there is a one-size-fits-all solution. However, the questions to ask yourself remain the same. Where will I be riding? Dirt roads, streets, or both? For street bikes, sportsbikes, cruisers, adventure bikes, or touring bikes will do. For off-road go with either dirt bikes or enduro bikes.

Motorcycle parts and maintenance

Getting the bike is just the beginning, now it’s time to know the motorcycle parts and how to maintain them. Study the manual and make use of the OEM maintenance checklist to learn how to check tire pressure, tighten your chain, check oil, brakes, etc. Maintaining your motorcycle parts can be intimidating at the beginning but once you make it a routine you become a better rider.