Can A Foreigner Lease A Car In Denmark?

Can A Foreigner Lease A Car In Denmark?

Buying a Car in Denmark: What you Need to Know - My New Danish Life

Denmark is one of the many European countries that attract tourists. Yearly, quite a large number of foreigners travel to the country for vacation, business, or any other personal reasons and would need to use a car to visit several places or to work for as long as they are in the country. 

Due to the above reason, several questions have been raised on whether a foreigner can lease a car in Denmark. While the answer to the question comes with terms and conditions, it’s essential to take cognizance of the online stores reviews in Denmark to know which store to patronize or not to avoid getting substandard goods or services. 

Denmark treats foreigners in the same vein citizens are treated. It’s one of the few European countries that gives no room for discrimination. Therefore, foreigners can lease a car, but not without certain terms and conditions. To lease a car in Denmark as a foreigner, you need to be of good character and as well tick the following boxes: 

Have Your Documents Ready

Denmark has a strict policy when it comes to leasing cars to foreigners. All the car companies in Denmark know the leasing rules, which come first with the need to have your documents ready. These documents are: 

  • Driver license
  • Work permit
  • Passport
  • Contract of employment
  • Social security card (Danish CPR number)

Rules Pertaining To Driver’s License In Denmark

Denmark’s driver’s license rules differ particularly from many other countries. Therefore, before you can lease a car as a foreigner, you must be aware of the rules and adhere to them strictly. Although not complicated, these rules will make your car leasing successful. 

Firstly, you must understand that you must swap your foreign driver’s license for a Danish one. To do this, you must have established a usual residence in Denmark. That is, you must have spent a minimum of 185 days in Denmark within a calendar year. 

Income in Denmark

Another aspect that will attract scrutiny before you can lease a car as a foreigner is your income level in Denmark. The Danish taxation system on cars is quite much. Therefore, Denmark leasing companies try to find out your income to check if you can afford the taxes and the monthly payment for the car, should you get it on installment. 

It’s crucial to note that the duration of car leasing in Denmark starts at exactly 365 days; a year. However, some companies may choose to reduce it for personal reasons. If, as a foreigner, you decide to return the car earlier than stipulated, the remaining days will be calculated and duly refunded.


Of course, you can lease a car in Denmark as a foreigner with the little guided steps stated above. You must, however, know the disadvantages of leasing a car, especially as a foreigner in Denmark. Nevertheless, if you can afford to pay taxes for temporarily owning a car, it would be a very good experience riding in the famous cities of Denmark. 

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