Top tricks to getting the best lease car

How to Negotiate a Car Lease | Credit Karma

Leasing a car has many benefits. With the current economic climate affecting many people’s income, many are looking at ways to cut costs and save money where they can.

One of the main advantages of leasing a car is that you have the benefit of owning a car without actually buying one. Leasing a car is an affordable, convenient way of “owning” your own vehicle.

There are many lease deals available from an array of dealers, both at physical dealerships, or even online. Reading reviews of these dealerships or online leasing agents will help you in getting the best deal possible. One place to read such reviews is, a website that lets you read real reviews on anything from car dealerships to car lease companies.

In this article, we’ll share with you some more benefits to leasing a car that you might not have considered before. When leasing a car, you have access to a new car more often – lease cars are generally less than 2 years old that you’re able to lease. What’s more, lease agreements are generally for a minimum of 2 years – they can also be longer if required.

You can skip the hassle of having to sell your car when the lease agreement ends – you simply turn it in and get another vehicle. With leasing you have the option to buy the car at the end of the lease agreement – dealerships or leasing agencies allow you to buy the car you have been leasing at a reduced rate, which is generally the balance of the value of the car.

Monthly car ownership costs are lower and more affordable than buying a vehicle; there are generally less fees charged with leasing cars.

Leasing contract terms are shorter than the instalment period would be to buy a vehicle – leasing agreements are usually for a set period such as 2 years, compared to the years you would be paying back a car loan. You are able to negotiate a lease agreement to suit your needs and your pocket. Be prepared to negotiate everything. Negotiate mileage limits, maintenance and insurance costs, and even try to negotiate your monthly payments. Extras such as maintenance and insurance can be added into the lease agreement – these costs will of course be added to your monthly payment, so make sure you can afford them. If not, shop around and find a lease deal that will suit your pocket more.

As a leasor, you are able to return the car and get a new one before the contract ends, at a cost – most leasing agents charge a penalty for early termination of the contract. Taking out a shorter lease option will give you the freedom to change your car more often.

Lease cars are generally newer and require less maintenance and servicing. Most lease cars are usually under 2 years old. Leasing is a more permanent/semi-permanent option than renting a vehicle – renting a car can cost you more in the long run, as fees are charged according to how much you drive.

Now that you know the benefits of leasing, you can do your research and get the best deal possible.