Victory Motorbike Change Ratchet Substitute

Victory Motorbike Change Ratchet Substitute

The Victory Bike is a quite perfectly crafted piece of equipment. I have owned a Victory Kingpin because 2004. I have experienced no challenges with the motorcycles and am extremely pleased with my bike. This write-up will tackle the just one problem I did have that is relevant to a unsuccessful shifter component. The dreaded Victory Change ratchet.

Just one day when riding, I started experiencing downshifting complications my kingpin. It only transpires from time to time and it feels like it is hanging up when i am seeking to downshift. I have adjusted the clutch cable and modified the oil with no take care of. I am running total synthetic AMSOIL 20W50 bike oil in the transmission and was thinking the oils was also thick for the clutch plates. After altering the oil to the Victory OEM multi-blend synthetic, the problem with shifting nevertheless existed.

I determined to choose a several much more examination rides to diagnose the trouble. I did recognize that if i drive the shift ratchet shaft in (has about 1/8 inch movement in and out) it appears to be to quickly cease the difficulty. I went to the Victory Motorcycle Solutions local community web page and have browse individuals converse about change ratchet as remaining the culprit. immediately after looking at numerous posts on this details, I contacted my favourite Victory motorcycle dealership, Santa Rosa VeeTwin. They verified that I need to have to swap the shift ratchet. The rationale currently being the relaxation spring fails about time.

The Victory dealership described that Victory modified the ratchet in some way right after 2000 due to difficult shifting problems. They also stated that they have found additional issues like this with individuals Victory riders with driver floorboards. The drivers with floor boards will usually do a lazy shift. Anyhow the ratchet will be worn on equally finishes, so permitting the shifting to carry on down and not engaging.

Getting that I am useful with a wrench and generally up for a obstacle, I requested the OEM substitute elements from Victory. I necessary to get the change ratchet and new transmission gaskets. I have the Victory Kingpin services manual but it did not demonstrate precisely how to do this change ratchet replacement. So I took my time and video taped everything.

The basic principles actions associated in executing this shift ratchet replacement is as follows:

1 – Drain all of the oil out of your Victory Motorcycle. Rely on me, I did not do this and made a big mess when I eradicated the transmission cover.

2 – Get rid of all of the transmission protect bolts.

3 – Now the challenging aspect, pull of the transmission deal with. Note the clutch magnet is really sturdy and will not want to give up the address way too easily. Pull straight out and watch your fingers.

4 – At the time the protect is off and the remaining oil spills out, observer how the shift ratchet is positioned. Notice this by getting a photograph or online video taping it. You will have to have to put in the new change ratchet in the identical posture with the star wheel engaged the right way.

5 – Do the substitution and not cleanse off the old transmission address gasket and install the new just one. This is a will have to to avert leakage.

6 – Install the transmission protect. Once again be aware of the magnet, this will suck the cover suitable on and acquire off your finger if you are not paying out notice.

7 – Put in the address bolts evenly and test torque configurations.

8 – Fill the bicycle up with AMSOIL total synthetic 20W50 V-Twin motorbike oil.

9 – Commence the bike and test for oil leaks.

10 – If all seems good, examination trip the bicycle and see how excellent it is to have the shifter operating yet again.

You are now one of the few and proud Victory motorcycle proprietors to go through this extraordinary servicing action.


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